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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

February 14, 2018

Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday

February 14, 2018

John 10:11-18


In our lesson today, Jesus tells us he is the Good Shepherd.  He warns us about other people who want to lead us, who want us to follow them but who will only lead us into sorrow and pain.  Jesus says he will lay down his life for us and he did.


And Jesus said, “I know my own and my own know me.”  We need to remember what Jesus did. We also need to remember what Jesus said.


My confirmation Bible is a “Red Letter Bible”.  Every word Jesus speaks is printed in red.  It makes it easy to pay attention to what Jesus said.


Tony Campolo and Colin McCartney want us to pay attention to the words of Jesus, to the red letters.  For the next six weeks we will let them help us do that beginning right now.


(This is an introduction to the series:


A few years ago these letters were popular: WWJD.  People were challenged to ask the question, “What Would Jesus Do?”


We want to focus on some other letters during this time of Lent: WDJS.  The challenge is to ask the question, “What Did Jesus Say?”


The four Gospels are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.  Even if you don’t have a Red Letter Bible, take some time during the coming weeks and look for the word of Jesus, read them and think about them.  Pay attention to the context of the passage.  Pay attention to whom Jesus is speaking.  But also ask, “What is Jesus saying to me?”


He is our shepherd.  We have no choice in that.  But we can hear his voice.  We can follow him.  And tonight we remember we follow Jesus into death and life.  AMEN